Spirit's Favorite Television Programs

The Top 8

There are eight television programs which, in my opinion, are more outstanding than any I've ever seen.

Two of these, Earth 2 and Doctor Who, affected my life so deeply that each has its own section on Spirit's Space. These programs have moved me emotionally and inspired me. I have found great joy and pride in writing fan fiction for these shows. They have led me to conventions with other fans and great friends, with whom I have had some wonderful times, a lot of fun, and happy memories.

The other six television programs did not affect me in any significant way, but they are wonderful, well-written, well-acted and beautifully rendered. They are Robotech, Blake's 7, Fullmetal Alchemist, Once Upon a Time, Princess Nine, and Supergirl.

Isn't it weird how three of these programs have a title which consists of a word followed by a number? Earth 2, Blake's 7, and Princess Nine.


Anime is now largely available in the United States, but in the early 1980s, very little came overseas. One of the best anime projects to hit America was Robotech, a fascinating blend of science fiction action and a soap opera storyline, with around 40 main characters. Its animation, its dramatic storytelling, its songs and its epic scale made Robotech breathtakingly beautiful. It is violent, and it deals with death in a very powerful way, but the violence is actually the backdrop of a very moral storyline, and in that respect it's great for kids, as well. My Robotech fan fiction.
Blake's 7 was a science fiction program made in England on a small budget, but it was certainly ambitious. Broadcast from 1978-1981, it featured a band of rebels, criminals and malcontents who joined together to escape the clutches of the evil Federation and to fight it. It wasn't good guys vs. bad guys, it was bad guys vs. worse guys! The characters were dynamic, the stories were engaging, the dialog was hard-hitting, and the cast was amazing. The stories were full of tension just because everything was delivered with such intensity. Since the main characters were self-serving criminals who stayed together by necessity, there were constant conflicts, power struggles and secrets amongst them. They not only had to put up with each other, they had to deal with the top Federation villainess, a charmingly evil, ruthless woman named Servalan. England's best sci-fi TV writers, such as Robert Holmes, Chris Boucher and series creator Terry Nation, turned out some fantastic storytelling, which the cast executed wonderfully.
Another anime which was much more recent than Robotech was Fullmetal Alchemist. I have written a detailed description of this program.
Almost everything about Once Upon a Time is wonderful. The writing, acting, and photography are superb.
An unusual entry in my list of favorites, Princess Nine is the only one which is not sci-fi/fantasy. I think this is the official Japanese site. I have written a detailed description of this program.
The writing, acting, editing and cinematography of Supergirl are all outstanding. It's a beautiful program, not a normal superhero adventure show.
Other programs

Other television programs I like a lot are:

Although my interest in InuYasha is not as great as that of other programs, I have written InuYasha fan fiction and a detailed description of the show. I'm not entirely sure why.

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