Spirit's Stories of


All's Fair
Size: Short story; 4,397 words; 27K
Main Characters: Lisa Hayes and Lynn Minmei
Setting: Immediately after the episode "Broken Heart"
Notes: In the great Macross love triangle, I have equal respect for both characters. You will find no favoritism here.
Synopsis: What did Minmei and Lisa have to talk about on that long plane ride back to civilization?
Size: Novelette; 16,026 words; 97K
Main Characters: Max and Miriya
Setting: During the episode "Wedding Bells"
Notes: This story contradicts events in the show a tiny bit. It shouldn't be a big deal.
Synopsis: What problems did Miriya have to overcome to gain acceptance from the crew of the SDF-1 and the people of Macross City? It couldn't have been as easy as the TV episode made it seem.
The Power of Proper Communication
Size: Short-short story; 1,276 words; 9K
Main Characters: Breetai and the SDF-1 bridge crew
Setting: During the first episode
Notes: Alternate universe. Just something humorous.
Synopsis: Ah, just read it. ☺

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