2003 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

January 12-18, 2003
Dallas, Texas

Description of my week at the Championships


Except for Michelle Kwan and Sarah Hughes, the photos of skaters on the ice are not arranged in any order, and in many cases, I don't even know their names.

Please be aware that I used the 2003 National Championships to field test my new digital camera, and my photos got better as the week went on. In all the photos I took during the first five days, the ice has a dirty gray hue and the skaters sometimes look like they're in shadow. This is because I didn't know enough about what I was doing to set the exposure compensation. In all the photos I took during the last few days, the ice looks nice and white.

In all the earlier, darker photos, I have tried to compensate by brightening the image. It's not a perfect solution, so you will probably still be able to see the difference. My apologies for the lack of quality.

Photo Pages

Skating, Page 1 Michelle Kwan
Skating, Page 2 Ladies Medal Ceremony
Skating, Page 3 ABC booth and Peggy Fleming
Skating, Page 4 Neat costumes
Sarah Hughes, Page 1 Miscellaneous
Sarah Hughes, Page 2

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