Doctor Who Cruise
Gallifrey One: Episode XIV – The Faction Paradox

February 10-19, 2003


Photo Pages

Cruise Convention
Page 1: Monday, In Port Page 9: Friday, Authors
and Two Doctors
Page 2: Monday, On Board;
Page 10: Friday, Big Finish
and Opening Ceremonies
Page 3: Wednesday,
Catalina Island
Page 11: Friday, Masque
of Mandragora, Part 1
Page 4: Thursday Morning,
Ensenada, Part 1
Page 12: Friday, Masque
of Mandragora, Part 2
Page 5: Thursday Morning,
Ensenada, Part 2
Page 13: Saturday
Page 6: Thursday,
Ensenada, Blowhole
Page 14: Sunday
Morning and Afternoon
Page 7: Thursday Evening Page 15: Sunday Evening
Page 8: Friday Page 16: Monday, Cricket
and Closing Ceremonies


During this cruise, several of us joined Deborah Watling
to write the short-short story "Reunion."

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