Delicate Touch

Author's Notes

Please take a moment to read my notes about Chinese character names in So Close.

This story takes place in an alternate universe in which Lynn lived. I don't like Lynn's death so I pretend it didn't happen.

In my wish universe, Lynn and Sue planted explosives throughout their house and yard as a defensive measure. During the attack on the house, Lynn was shot, but not fatally. As she passed out she detonated the explosives, driving back all the attackers, who assumed she was dead. Sue reached her in time and took her to the hospital, then went back to collect the computer equipment and went on the run. Everything else happened as depicted in the film, with minor differences to account for this change.

This means that the attempted frame of Hung was weaker, and Hung would have had less reason to team up with Sue to take out Chow Nunn. But since the original movie was full of plot holes, and the "frame" of Hung was absurd to begin with, my story can take a few liberties, as well.

I have never been to Hong Kong. I researched it a little bit, but I still know very little of its people, languages, or culture (they drive on the left and the Hong Kong currency is called the dollar). I used a random name generator for my characters. Apologies for any mistakes made due to my ignorance. If I write something that is completely contrary to the reality of Hong Kong, just pretend this story takes place in an alternate Hong Kong. I mean no disrespect; I just wanted to see Hung, Lynn, and Sue in action again.

I also know very little about kung fu. But I do know that fictional kung fu and real kung fu have nothing to do with each other, so we should be good to go.

Chapter 1

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