Silly story ideas I'll never use

I sometimes have fan fiction ideas which I know I'll never write. These ideas concern fandoms which I'm not terribly interested in, or I just don't have the time and never will. These are not plot ideas, merely situations which could be interesting.

My apologies if any of these ideas have actually been done elsewhere. They may not be unique in the world, but I did think of them. I didn't steal them from anyone.

Forever Knight / Highlander crossover

Both Forever Knight and Highlander feature a close, secretive community of immortals who have a code of living (of a sort). Each tells stories which cleverly segue between past and present. These two are just begging to be crossed over.

I envision a world in which the Immortals and the Vampires know of each other. No formal relationship exists between them. They're not enemies, but they're not exactly friends, either. They bump into each other through the centuries.

One person in particular is both a Vampire and an Immortal. So if this person is beheaded by another Immortal during a sword fight (and if we discount the traditional lore of vampires being susceptible to beheading), then his Vampire powers will keep him alive. If he's killed as a Vampire would – stake through the heart, sunlight, etc. – then his Immortal powers will keep him alive. Anyone who wants this person dead would have to kill him or her in two different ways! I have no idea if this person is evil, good or neither.

Forever Knight / Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover

For obvious reasons. Similarities between Nick Knight and Angel? For extra fun and excitement, do Buffy, Forever Knight and Highlander as a three-show crossover.

Super massive time travel crossover
extravaganza that probably no one
will ever write, but I like it anyway

Remember Quantum Leap, where Sam went leaping through history correcting various problems? (And remember the female leaper he met who was from further in the future than he was and on the run from an evil Quantum Leap organization?)

Remember Early Edition, where the guy mysteriously learned the news before it happened and had a chance to prevent it?

Remember Seven Days, where they can go back in time seven days to avert disaster?

What if all these phenomena and organizations were really related somehow – whether they knew it or not. What if some mysterious power was trying to perfect a process of historical improvement, and each of these shows represented a different evolutionary step in that learning process?

What if that mysterious power finally achieved its goal, and set up an organization of full-fledged, unlimited, physical time travel, made up of people whose job it was to go throughout history correcting problems?

Hey – remember Voyagers, the educational early-80s show which featured people traveling through time setting history right whenever it went wrong? Remember the evil Voyager who was intent on disrupting history?

Might be worth looking into.

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