Spirit's Stories From All Other Areas

Listed in the order I wrote them.

To Sail Beyond the Sunset
Fandom: Voyagers
Size: Short-short story; 868 words; 6K
Notes: I wrote this story years before I learned what a complete jackass Christopher Columbus was, so this story takes place in an alternate universe where he was a nice guy.
A Dog's Life
Size: Short story; 2,013 words; 13K
Notes: I can't say anything, because it's a surprise.

Anakin Got Run Over by a Sith Lord, a Star Wars Christmas filk.

Living Memories
Fandom: InuYasha
Size: Short story; 6,438 words; 39K
Main Characters: Kikyo and Kagome
Notes: The two who are one.
Innocence Lost
Fandom: The Bionic Woman (the 2007 remake)
Size: Novelette; 8,603 words; 52K
Notes: Sorry, I can't give anything away on this one. But it's a lot of fun!
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Size: Novelette; 11,574 words; 71K
Time: Immediately after the end of season 7
Notes: Daenerys, Jon, and the others arrive in Winterfell, preparing to face the Night King and his undead army. But the Three-Eyed Raven knows united strangers will never succeed. The time for secrets is over. Sansa, Arya, Jon, and Daenerys must tear down the walls between them, and they must do it quickly. Their only chance for life is to become One.

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