An Earth 2 filk


Douglas Neman

To the tune of Green Acres. All together now...

Ulysses: Geeeeeeeeee889 is the place to be!
These Terrians have just cured me.
Without that suit I can do anything.
Forget the stations, 'cause here I'm gonna be king.
True: The space stations are where I'd rather stay.
I get bored hiking all day.
Tell me now, what kind of life is that?
Uly, you're cute, but all I want is my cat.
Ulysses: Long walks!
True: Wrist locks!
Ulysses: Yale's school!
True: The rules!
Ulysses: You're stuck with me.
True: It seems like eternity.
Both: G8-8-9, we're heeeeeeeeeere!

True and Uly stand side by side. Uly thumps his staff on the ground twice.

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