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These crossovers are the stories of which I am most proud, the stories I cherish the most, the stories which hold the most meaning for me, personally. The Doctor was my childhood hero and role model, and Earth 2 was the loveliest show anyone has ever made. Both shows touched me deeply in ways too personal to describe, and it meant so much to me to bring them together. I consider the following stories to be my finest creations.

For what it's worth, I believe I am the only one in the whole world who has written an Earth 2 / Doctor Who crossover.

These stories form a series, in the order listed here.

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Size: Novella; 26,817 words; 173K
Main Characters: Devon, Danziger, Julia, Alonzo, Morgan, Yale, and the 8th Doctor
Earth 2 setting: Between "Flower Child" and "All About Eve"
Doctor Who setting: 10 minutes after the end of the 1996 TV movie
Notes: This was my very first fanfic, except for my "Dungeons & Dragons" work, and I consider it to be my personal tribute to both of these shows. A way of saying "Thank you" to each of them.

The Doctor, eccentric scientist and time-traveller extraordinaire, lands on an unpolluted, serene world in the late 22nd century, in an effort to relax and recover from his 7th regeneration and his recent ordeal on Earth. If your definition of "relax" means getting shot at by snipers, attacked by ZEDs, blown up by bullets, and getting mixed up with a crazy group of colonists, then you might say he succeeds pretty well. It's no picnic for the members of Eden Advance, either, for they are put to the test. They have to reach deeper than ever before, and take one hit after another like they rarely have. It's a situation of move and clever countermove, as the Doctor joins forces with Eden Advance to outwit a ruthless, calculating ZED which seems indestructible, and which won't stop until its mission is achieved.

The Man Who Fell to Earth – Who?!?!
Size: Novella; 32,101 words; 199K
Main Characters: Devon, Danziger, Julia, Alonzo, the 4th Doctor, the 2nd Romana, K-9, the 1st Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Susan
Earth 2 setting: The arrival of the colony ship
Doctor Who setting: Between "The Reign of Terror" and "Planet of Giants," and also between "Shada" and "The Leisure Hive"
Notes: This comes with a humorous lead-in story before the main one. The main story assumes Devon got out of cold sleep, and features a cameo appearance by a character from my Earth 2 novelette "Lost Worlds."

The Doctor in his first incarnation, with his white hair and crotchety, impatient manner, lands on G889. But when the TARDIS doors open, out steps the Doctor in his fourth incarnation, with his dark curly hair, scarf, jelly babies, and jokes delivered at the speed of light. What's going on? Eden Advance is still waiting for a colony ship that's three months late. What they get instead is a Time Lord who's about to meet them before they met him last year. They also get the Time Lady Romana with her dry wit, and the deadpan delivery of a robotic dog. There's also Alonzo's regret and guilt over the Roanoke's crash; a new breed of warp-tunnel spider; a race of aliens who don't know what's happening to them; a saboteur and murderer running around on the colony ship; and the threat of a fiery death in the atmosphere for everyone on colony when a double-double-cross comes to fruition. And even if they survive, the Doctor has an appointment with the planet 300,000 years ago.

And then – trouble really hits.

The Boy Who Would be Time Lord King
Size: Novel; 126,676 words; 780K
Main Characters: Devon, Danziger, Morgan, Bess, K-9, Zero, Alonzo, Julia, Yale, Ulysses, True, Denner, Leela, the other K-9, the 2nd Romana, the 8th Doctor, and more villains than you can shake a stick at. And that's just for starters. It has a cast of thousands. Did I mention I like big stories?
Earth 2 setting: Immediately after "The Man Who Fell to Earth – Who?!?!"
Doctor Who setting: The Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey, same time
Notes: The first novel I ever wrote solo. This one comes with a story-before-and-after-the-story. I combine the canon of both shows into one cohesive picture in order to make this story work.

The Doctor has visited the world of Earth 2 three times, and now it's time to turn the tables on Eden Advance. Like dinner guests returning the favor, it's their turn to visit the world of Doctor Who. This means they get to learn about cheesy villains and plots to take over the universe.

The Doctor has been placed on trial for his life by his own people, and the members of Eden Advance have been called as witnesses – even though most of the Doctor's people look down on them for being merely humans, not Lords of Time like themselves. But why is the Castellan, a good friend of the Doctor's, pressing charges so ruthlessly when the crime could be excused? Why is the source of his information being kept a closely guarded secret? What was the Doctor's crime, and how did the Time Lords find out about it? The answers are unraveled, but not before tragedy strikes, and suddenly, Eden Advance is caught in the middle as an invading army dares to take on the most powerful race in the cosmos.

But while the Time Lords are the most powerful, they also find that they are the most lethargic. When pain and violence comes to a ten-million-year-old civilization which is supposed to be perfectly protected, the Time Lords find themselves helpless – in much the same way that Uly's immune system was unable to keep him from getting sick, when he was supposedly protected from all illnesses back on the stations. With no disease, the immune system goes away, leaving the body vulnerable when disease finally strikes. Likewise, the perfectly safe world of Gallifrey is most vulnerable when the defenses are finally breached. In all their history, the Time Lords have rarely had to fight for their planet and for their right to live – and the lowly humans of Eden Advance may just have the answers they need.

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