Spirit's Stories From the World of
Dungeons & Dragons

My interest in D&D is now only in passing, but at one time, it was intense. Playing the game with friends long into the night was tremendous fun, but in the end, the cost was too high. D&D is a game for people who have time to play, and I had no business playing as much as I did.

These stories are set in the world of D&D, but the characters are all mine. I rolled up their stats and I ran them in campaigns. The stories themselves, however, are not campaigns, they are my own creations.

I have about a dozen story ideas from the world of D&D, but I will probably never get around to writing them. D&D belongs to a part of my life that has now passed, and I have little interest in taking it up again, certainly not to the extent I once did.

"Paths and Choices" is a true D&D story. The other story is something I just can't explain here.

Paths and Choices
Size: Novella; 20,159 words; 123K
Main Characters: Spiridale Darkpride and Larissa Starfrost
Setting: Fae Run
Notes: Spiridale is my favorite D&D character. His name is a derivative of the word spirit. I'm quite proud of "Paths and Choices," although I think it's obvious while reading it that I was younger when I wrote it. I cannot write medieval-style speech to save my life. Some of the things the characters say sound awfully modern, but I don't have the time to go correct everything. I still like this one.
Synopsis: Spiridale meets a wild elven woman who entrances him, and together they face a powerful enemy who is both a vampire and an undead wizard! To survive, Spiridale and Larissa's first task is to find some way of getting along! This one's packed with action, traps, and clever escapes! And along they way, a Goddess shows Spiridale that anger alone can't power someone through the world, no matter how tough he is.
Dungeons and Dragons and Pizza, Oh My!
Size: Short story; 4,248 words; 26K
Main Characters: Spiridale Darkpride and Larissa Starfrost...sort of
Setting: Fae Run...sort of
Notes: The events depicted in this story never happened, but they are realistic.
Synopsis: People find adventure in the oddest places.

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