Official Earth 2 Novels

All three novels were published by the Berkely Publishing Group, under their "Ace Books" line.

Earth 2
Author Publishing Date ISBN #
Melissa Crandall December 1994 0-441-00146-7

Novelization of the pilot episode, "First Contact," based on the screenplay by Michael Duggan, Carol Flint and Mark Levin.

Author Publishing Date ISBN #
Sean Dalton February 1995 0-441-00148-3

I place this book between "Redemption" and "Moon Cross."

My reasoning: It is set after Alonzo's leg has healed; Julia shows no sign of her Council-spy stress; it's still summer; and Morgan hasn't learned his lesson about greed yet.

Leather Wings
Author Publishing Date ISBN #
John Vornholt May 1995 0-441-00198-X

I place this book between "Promises, Promises" and "Memory Play."

My reasoning: Alonzo's leg is still broken but he isn't depressed; Julia shows no sign of her Council-spy stress.

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