Earth 2 On-line Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists out there for Edenites. All the ones I'm aware of are conducted through Yahoo Groups. You can go there and do a search for "Earth 2" or "Earth2". That will give you a list of mailing lists you can join. Or you can go directly to any of the links below to sign up.

These are the lists that I am aware of, as of March 25, 2013. I won't recommend any of them over any others, but I believe the first three listed are the largest.

OriginalEarth2List A general discussion of all things Earth 2
VA1587 A general discussion of all things Earth 2
Earth2-FanFiction A forum for posting Earth 2 fan fiction rated PG-13 or lighter
E2FanFicDiscuss A forum for discussing Earth 2 fan fiction
EdenAfterDark A general discussion of all things Earth 2, and a forum for posting all Earth 2 fan fiction
SWE2 A forum for Earth 2 fans to discuss Star Wars

You can also go to Yahoo Groups and search for various mailing lists for individual actors and actresses

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