Earth 2 Limericks

What's that? You have no time to watch Earth 2? You have a school report due on episode 5 and you just need some Cliff's Notes? Well search no further! Here is your Earth 2 season at a glance!

Episode 1: First Contact
(2 hours, 2 verses)

A woman and her sick little boy,
as well as others in her employ,
set off through space
for an unspoiled place
so he could live a life of much joy.

With Uly ill, John chose to carry him,
and O'Neill – well, they had to bury him.
But Uly was healed,
and Devon concealed
the promise she made to the Terrians.

Episode 2: The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two)

A stranger named Gaal comes along;
Morgan says, "True, stealing food is wrong!"
He gets himself stung
right on his thumb,
and O'Neill comes back – but not for long.

Episode 3: Life Lessons

Julia deals with Alonzo and a horse,
which Uly wants for himself, of course.
Gaal tries his tricks,
but Danziger kicks
him out of the group, sans remorse.

Episode 3.14159265: Natural Born Grendlers

While Bess trades with a Grendler for stuff,
our pilot has decided "Enough's enough!"
His attempt to die
the Terrians deny,
and Bess tells off Devon in a huff.

Episode 4: Promises, Promises

"Terrians," said 'Lonz, "are held somewhere,
and they remember your oath, Adair."
So away True tore
the bones Gaal wore
and the Terrians took over from there.

Episode 5: Memory Play

They find Pod #2 and ask, "Why
has everyone started to die?"
Morgan makes amends,
John loses two friends,
and Julia is revealed as a spy!

Episode 6: Water

A new source of water they must find,
but Terrians put D&D in a bind.
To end all their strife
Devon goes for that knife,
while Julia can't get the Council off her mind.

Episode 7: Church of Morgan

Morgan's having problems with his wife,
'cause his friendship with her dad was full of strife.
But in a sunny glen,
he says "Marry me again"
while Julia lies to save a boy's life.

Episode 8: The Enemy Within

With Uly's DNA inside her mind,
Julia tells Alonzo, "You're my kind!"
But she breaks his heart
as her plans fall apart,
and the Edenites leave her far behind.

Episode 9: Redemption

When Alonzo brings Julia back to camp,
a ZED starts to shoot and shout and stamp.
They kick its ass
and tell the satellite brass
that, "Julia stays with us 'cause she's our champ."

Episode 10: Mooncross

The ghosts of Mary's parents want release,
and the outcasts want their agony to cease.
Mary persuades Devon
to send them on to heaven
by letting go of Uly, who brings them peace.

Episode 11: Better Living Through Morganite, Part 1

Morgan's not the type to settle for less,
but his plan to steal the sunstones angers Bess.
As Yale's mind breaks down
Morgan geolocks the ground,
putting Eden Advance in one helluva mess.


Episode 12: Better Living Through Morganite, Part 2

Morgan burns his hands to undo the claim,
for Yale has told Mary that he's to blame.
She saves him from dying
then runs away crying,
but the sunstones have given him back his name.

Episode 13: Grendlers in the Myst

The group intercepts messages from Dell
after having motherly dreams for a spell.
But it was all in the past
and Whalen, at last,
hears the story his mother had to tell.


To be continued. Maybe.

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