The Top 21 Earth 2 ideas
rejected by producer Michael Duggan

21. Alonzo's suggestion to Julia: "Why tie 'em up? If they want to jump in the hole, let 'em jump in the damn hole!"
20. Dr. Vasquez was Commander O'Neill's twin brother.
19. Julia was right, the sunstones are part of a vast communication network. What she didn't realize what that they speak in Morse Code, and Terrian telegraph operators wearing little caps are stationed at various points around the world, constantly sending and receiving messages.
18. The fruit which the Grendler gave them induces a slow-acting genetic mutation. Within five years, they're all going to have blue skin.
17. Tired of yet another frustrating trading session, Morgan sits down with the Grendlers and patiently teaches them about free enterprise, having a product or service to sell, marketing it, and advertising it. G889 is never the same. Three times a day, the Edenites come across Grendlers with a lemonade stand, each claiming to be the "Lasst chanse fer lemmon-aide fur then ext 150 million lite yeers." When they come across the Grendler-owned log cabin resort in the mountains, it is the last straw.
16. The TransRover? It takes diesel.
15. The hole in the earth which makes spring has a secret you really don't wanna know about.
14. Zero had a fault with one of his transistors, but the Terrians took him underground and healed him. To get him back, Danziger had to make them a promise. At the end, the two of them run towards each other through a field.
13. The Grendlers have a curious coming-of-Grendlerhood ritual for their young: each Grendler must sneak into a Terrian cave and push a Terrian into that smoking pool, moon him before he climbs out, and run away without getting caught. (This is why Grendlers are actually few and far between.) Thus is born the true meaning of the word Mooncross.
12. The adult toys they found in a closet in the bio-dome.
11. The outcast Terrians formed two gangs, the Sharks and the Jets. You know the rest.
10. The Grendlers use the communication dish on the beach at New Pacifica as the bucket in their weekly basketball games. When the Edenites finally reach New Pacifica, this will be a source of contention between the two species. To make peace, the Grendlers are allowed full usage of the dish every Saturday night, and during special times once a year for their national tournament.
9. Kobas enjoy bowling. They just can't do it very well.
8. That silver ball on a tower which the Edenites put up wherever they camped wasn't a solar converter, it was a strobe light for their nightly disco parties.
7. The reason the Terrians didn't pursue Yale after Mary freed him was that, to be honest, they didn't really like the guy Morgan petrified in the first place and, let's face it, he made a really great coat rack hanging out of the wall like that.
6. And they got rid of Mary because she was starting to nag.
5. Terrians don't go into a coma when stung by Kobas, they just get really, really HAPPY!
4. The sing-along which Julia tried to start in the dunerail on their way to meet Yale and Walman after coming up empty at Cargo Pod # 9.
3. Every time someone spacewarps through a spider web, a little spider voice can be heard shouting, "Engage!"
2. In addition to his clothes, in return for the saliva, the Grendler demanded that Morgan do the Macarena in his underwear. The Grendler recorded it on gear, made 100 copies, and they are now the hottest trading items around the whole planet.
1. Danziger got ahold of one of those copies, and the group hasn't been the same since.

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