Spirit's Earth 2 Crossword Puzzle

In 1998 I constructed an Earth 2 crossword puzzle, containing 121 words, for the New Pacificon '98 convention program. On August 28, 2000, I updated this puzzle to include 22 more words. (The grid isn't any bigger, I just found a way of stuffing more things into it.) The grid is also easier to work with because the entire background is now black.

This crossword is provided here as a set of three Adobe files: one for the blank answer grid, one for the clues, and one for the answers.

There is no spoiler space included with the answers, so be careful about opening the answer file if you don't want to see them.

Ambiguous spellings

Since I've seen so many different spellings in fan fiction, I feel I should point out that I spell Eben's name as Eben Singh, since that is what I believe is on her gravestone. I spell the leader of the HUDs Shepard, since that is the most common spelling of that name. I spell the name of Dell Curry's husband Whelan. I spell the child HUD's name as Ragmuffin (not Ragamuffin), and I refer to the food as Spirulina instead of Semolina. These words may or may not be in the puzzle, but in case they are, that is how I spell them.

Blank Answer Grid


Solution (without spoiler space)

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